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Check this out: Verizon Launches Campaign to Support Girls in STEM

I love love love this new ad by Verizon. It’s TRUTH and we all need to be aware of how we treat our girls and boys because it’s directly affecting … Continue reading

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Check this out: How to take care of incarcerated women and their families

We need more love like Sister Teresa Fitzgerald’s in the world. “Tesa”, as everyone calls her, started the organization Hour Children, which provides housing and a helping community for incarcerated or … Continue reading

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Check this out: ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ creates a more diverse cast

Well, this is surprising news! I fully expected J.J Abrams (director) to give the big middle finger to all the criticism against his original casting choices for not being diverse … Continue reading

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Check this out: Egypt Has a Sexual Violence Problem

Wow, there are a lot of issues in Egypt right now. One issue that is thankfully gathering a good following is the issue of sexual violence. There are many points … Continue reading

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Check this out: Spanish Reserve Tries to Recreate Wilderness From Long Ago

This is an interesting idea that I have written about before. This reserve is located in La Alamedilla, Spain and they are focusing on bringing back a type of large … Continue reading

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Suggested Internet Reading

Rain in Boquete! I didn’t take this photo, but it’s a great shot of the downpour that we receive sometimes.  Today is one of those days… storms passing through… very … Continue reading

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Check this out: Obama Plans Protected Marine Area in Pacific Ocean

If you haven’t heard about this yet, Obama is using his authoritative powers to create a protected marine area in specific parts of the Pacific Ocean around Hawaii (where he … Continue reading

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Check this out: The case for raising feminist boys

I find it a bit appalling to have to talk about “raising feminist boys”, as the title states. Shouldn’t that be a given? Don’t we want to teach our kids … Continue reading

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Check this out: Congo’s Badass Women Mechanics

There are some very smart and advantageous women in Goma, DRC! Through a training program provided by ETN in partnership with CARE International, young people who have few opportunities or … Continue reading

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Check this out: TED Talk – Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders

I don’t care what people say about Sheryl Sandberg. She is a strong woman of the current times and we should respect her. I believe that people have purposefully twisted … Continue reading

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Check this out: Dying to save the Amazonian rainforest

News like this makes me sooo mad. It makes me want to drop everything I am doing and head to the scene to protest and bring this issue to the … Continue reading

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Check this out: TED Talk – Angela Patton: A father-daughter dance … in prison

I loved this TED Talk from Angela Patton. Angela runs Camp Diva, which is a summer camp for “at-promise” girls ages 11 – 17 of African descent. Her aim through this … Continue reading

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Icon Person: Maxine Greene, Education Theorist

Maxine Greene was an education philosopher who taught for nearly 50 years at the Teachers College at Columbia University in New York City. She promoted multiculturalism, power of the imagination, creative thinking, … Continue reading

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Check this out: Women’s Economic Security Act Passes in Minnesota

I’m kind of embarrassed to post this. This shouldn’t even be something that we have to celebrate. It should be a GIVEN. However, a congratulations does go out to Minnesota, … Continue reading

June 15, 2014 · Leave a comment
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