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Check this out: How to take care of incarcerated women and their families

We need more love like Sister Teresa Fitzgerald’s in the world.

“Tesa”, as everyone calls her, started the organization Hour Children, which provides housing and a helping community for incarcerated or formerly incarcerated women and their families. They strive to provide the women with every resource they need to survive, thrive and not return to prison.

Incarcerated women aren’t mentioned in the media as much as men, but when a woman goes to prison, their families are affected much more than when a man goes to prison. Who will keep the children and provide for them? Make sure they attend school?

Hour Children steps in to make sure the children are taken care of and loved, even when their mom can’t be present in their life everyday.

Sound crazy? Impossible? Check out this article below and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Sister of Second Chances –


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