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Check this out: A Response to ‘Women Against Feminism.’

I have to admit, I really really don’t understand the kickback against feminism, especially by women!! I think it boils down to uneducated people who think that feminism means that … Continue reading

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Check this out: Get a Smaller Refrigerator!

Ok, this linked article below goes a bit far, but really, give your refrigerator a second thought! It’s very life-changing to go to a simple small to medium sized refrigerator, … Continue reading

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Check this out: US Education Sucks Because Teachers Suck

This is a long article, but well worth the read. The author, Elizabeth Green, has a beautiful writing style and gives great examples and stories to draw you along. What … Continue reading

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Check this out: A Nonwhite Doll Crosses Over

Yes, yes and yes! Another popular show and toys that reflect the “minority” population. This is exactly what our kids need to be seeing – African American cartoon characters on … Continue reading

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Check this out: Fast Food Seeks Virtuous Side

I like the way the restaurant industry is moving. I just wish it weren’t so expensive! Even more reason to grow your own food and make delicious meals at home… … Continue reading

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Check this out: Afghan Woman Sets Husband on Fire

Surprising, no? The reason why this lady set her husband on fire? Because he didn’t protect her while she was being raped by a neighbor. Her story is extremely compelling … Continue reading

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Check this out: The problem of treating activists as terrorists

This man is Will Potter. He has a powerful story of what the government is doing to activists – treating them like terrorists. That’s right, the simple act of standing up … Continue reading

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Check this out: Judge Rejects Teacher Tenure for California

 This is great news coming out of California. However, I really cannot understand the opposition’s argument for why teacher tenure is critical and necessary. If you consistently get bad reviews … Continue reading

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Suggested Internet Reading

Summer is in full swing where I live and work! But it has a totally different meaning here than in the U.S. The weather is actually rainy season and with … Continue reading

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Check this out: Chester Nez, 93 year old Navajo, Dies

What an incredible life that Chester Nez lived. I can’t imagine having his experiences… Chester was sent to a boarding school as a child. He assimilated into “American” culture and … Continue reading

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Hilarious Louis C.K. “Environmentalists and Christians”

Oh my god, I died laughing at this. I hope you enjoy it too. 🙂

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Check this out: How to Get Girls Into Coding

This topic has been HUGE lately and I definitely think it is a super important initiative. But these articles in particular (links below) talk about how we can best attract girls to … Continue reading

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Check this out: Navy Gets Its First Female Four-Star Admiral

I am military illiterate, but after a little research, “four-star admiral” basically means she’s third in command. First woman ever at this ranking! Congratulations Michelle Howard!! Navy Gets Its First Female … Continue reading

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Check this out: Myanmar’s Persecuted Minority

It will be forever appalling to me the way that some minority groups are treated in this world. One such group is the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. The Buddhist majority … Continue reading

July 9, 2014 · Leave a comment
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