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Check this out: Rewilding in America

Finally some coverage about super wealthy people doing amazing things for the environment! This article mainly highlights M.C. Davis and E.O. Wilson’s partnership to regrow natural forests in the Southeast … Continue reading

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Check this out: Three Lost Mayan Cities Found in the Mexican Jungle

DREAM JOB alert! It amazes me how much history and archeology is simply undiscovered in central America. Even here in Panama I hear about new things being discovered every few … Continue reading

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Check this out: Cameron Russell starts a magazine

Some of you may recognise Cameron Russell since she is a famous model, but she has started a new initiative in the last year to use her fame and fortune … Continue reading

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Check this out: Michele Roberts, N.B.A. Union’s New Leader

I have to tell you. I LOVE women like Michele Roberts. Women who are not afraid of being harsh, telling it like it is, and who exude a strong sense … Continue reading

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Check this out: First Woman to Win Fields Mathematics Award

More glass ceilings are being broken! Maryam Mirzakhani, of Iran, was named one of the 4 winners of the 2014 Fields Medal, a top honor in mathematics. Ms. Mirzakhani is … Continue reading

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Check this out: Legos Designs Sets to Promote Girl Scientists

Woo hoo! Another example of a company with their head on straight. There have been a wave of new companies focused on making toys that are gender-neutral or that support … Continue reading

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Check this out: KSU president gives up over $90,000 of his salary to boost lowest-paid campus employees

THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKNG ABOUT!! Fantastic example Mr. Raymond Burse is showing not only for other universities, but for businesses in general. Check out the details in the article … Continue reading

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Check this out: Becky Hammon Makes History as the NBAs First Female Full-Time Coach

Ya’ll! This is a big deal! Congratulations to Becky Hammon for her new position as Assistant Coach for the San Antonio Spurs! That’s awesome that the Spurs realize her potential … Continue reading

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Check this out: The Lives of America’s Homeless

 I love these personal accounts of homeless people in Minnesota. It’s easy to group the homeless together and put a label on them, but they are just as diverse as … Continue reading

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Check this out: ‘This Is What Tech’s Ugly Gender Problem Really Looks Like’

And another article which I would just love for anti-feminists to comment on. Anyone? This Is What Tech’s Ugly Gender Problem Really Looks Like | Business | WIRED.

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Suggested Internet Reading

I am having a Mac crisis. I love Apple computers and could never go back to a Windows operating system, but I can’t believe the bad luck / problems I … Continue reading

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