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Tiger sleeping in Sofía's crib (she doesn't sleep there).

Tiger sleeping in Sofía’s crib (she doesn’t sleep there).

Did you guys knows that I have a cat? It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about him. Cats are quite diverse in personality, if you didn’t know that already. This one, Tiger, is super independent; definitely the king of the house. He is a fighter and only handles about 10 seconds of affection before he imagines that you are trying to attack him and retaliates.

But we love him anyway.

If you have a pet, give him or her an extra little squeeze from me today. 🙂 Enjoy these older articles that I pulled up for you!

New Era in Safety When Cars Talk to One Another (NY Times) – Guys, this is going to be a reality. Get ready. I can’t wait!

36 Hours in Bilbao (NY Times) – This is a short video profiling Bilbao, Spain. I hope to get over to Europe in the next year or two and I will definitely make a trip to Spain! I love the Spanish accent (different from Latin American Spanish).

How a curmudgeonly old reporter exposed the FIFA scandal that toppled Sepp Blatter (Washington Post) – Such a cool story! Just shows to never give up on what you truly believe in.

Texas Lawmakers Pass a Bill Allowing Guns at Colleges (NY Times) – Eek, what?! Both sides have their opinions, but I have to stick with the opponents here. “Opponents say the notion that armed students would make a campus safer is an illusion that will have a chilling effect on campus life. Professors said they worry about inviting a student into their offices to talk about a failing grade if they think that student is armed.” Plus, it’s like, if everyone else has one, shouldn’t I also? But what if I don’t really know how to use a gun well? That peer pressure to have one, but young irresponsibility of not knowing when or how to use it, could have terrifying consequences. Not to mention, what about the university staff? Is it now in their job description to carry a gun in order to protect their students from outside threats, or to protect themselves from personal attacks? It just all seems so crazy to me.

After plunge in oil prices, hope fades for group of long-beleaguered workers (Washington Post) – Don’t forget about the little guys getting bowled over in this oil “crisis” (crisis for U.S. workers, party for Arab businesses as U.S. companies fold). It’s easy for the white collar workers to forget that yes, there are still millions of blue collar workers in the United States and they are really having a huge struggle making ends meet right now. Another example of an industry hit hard.

From Solitary to the Street (Marshall Project) – I’m sorry, but we think that we live in a “just” society, but if you simply look at the way we treat our prisoners, it is anything but. These people serve their time, but the reality is that their entire life is set on a different trajectory upon exiting jail. It just makes no sense and it creates millions of under-performing individuals of our own government’s creation. How stupid.

Justice Kennedy Denounces Solitary Confinement (The Atlantic) – Along the same lines as the previous article, here is a Supreme Court justice who is speaking out about the horrible injustice of solitary confinement.


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