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Icon Person: Dr. Awojobi Oluyombo

I think that creativity is in all of us, not just “artists” and “designers” who have a special degree from an institution. Dr. Awojobi Oluyombo is an example of how … Continue reading

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Check this out: Creativity to the Rescue for Poor Hospitals

This article is 100% spot on. I feel like we are finally turning the corner in aid for the developing world. The developed world needs to stop trying to be … Continue reading

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Check this out: “Oppressed Majority” Film

I’ve been waiting for someone to make a film like this!! You really have to check it out – just 10 minutes of eye opening enjoyment (mainly for women, I … Continue reading

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Check this out: Women’s Rights in Malawi

This woman is Joyce Banda. She is Malawian. She is a business woman with an elementary teaching degree. She has 5 children. She is also Malawi’s president. Malawi struggles, as … Continue reading

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Icon Company: PUMA

Puma has created a very impressive sustainability initiative. This isn’t something new; Puma revealed their sustainable bag design back in 2010. They have continued to expand their efforts each year … Continue reading

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Suggested Internet Reading

I hope you guys like TED videos! 🙂 I’ve been on a bit of a kick lately and found some good ones to share with you all. And also, I’M … Continue reading

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Icon Company: Roche

Have you heard of this Swiss pharmaceutical company? They really have their act together! They place the patient in the center of their planning and really feel the responsibility of … Continue reading

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Check this out: Microsoft Greener IT Challenge

I’m really happy to see Microsoft taking the lead on the electronic waste problem. I highly encourage you to watch the 6:47-minute video through the link below. Did you know … Continue reading

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Check this out: A simple solution to the coming phosphorus crisis

I love solutions like this. When you don’t have to invent a new expensive technology to solve a world problem. Mother Earth has given us everything we need to survive! … Continue reading

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Check this out: Turning Urban Youth Into Global Citizens

Wow. What a beautiful and powerful woman! Angela Jackson is extremely admirable – she went from a poor upbringing to a successful career which took her all over the world, … Continue reading

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Check this out: iShacks Improve South African Slums

With a few simple tweaks to the current slum houses created by the government in South Africa, Andreas Keller has reinvented the typical dwelling with clean energy. Clean energy is … Continue reading

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Check this out: 7 Fascinating Experiments in Rewilding

I really love this idea. Though it seems so far fetched to me! Can we really do this and be successful? Check out the link below for 7 experiments showing … Continue reading

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Check this out: Hong Kong’s Indentured Servants

Asia has a mountain of human rights issues. Every single one needs to be denounced and the only way is through education and pressuring countries to change the laws. I … Continue reading

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Check this out: Ivory Sales Banned in America

Hallelujah! Some good news from the Obama Administration. 🙂 The Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it will ban the trade in elephant ivory within the United States … Continue reading

March 17, 2014 · Leave a comment
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