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Rain in Boquete! I didn’t take this photo, but it’s a great shot of the downpour that we receive sometimes.  Today is one of those days… storms passing through… very relaxing.

Here’s some articles that caught my interest lately. Let me know what you think of them!

For the Love of Money (NY Times) – A surprisingly honest article from a former bond trader on Wall Street. This is a discussion that needs to become more commonplace in the western world (especially USA): Do you suffer from money addiction? What are the symptoms? How can one recover? Serious stuff, people.

Meet Australia’s Creepy Prime Minister, Tony Abbott (Video, Liberty Blitzkrieg) – I can’t believe this isn’t a joke! Have you seen this guy, Australia’s Prime Minister? How embarrassing for Australians…

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, 2014 Update: How the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally (The Commonwealth Fund) – I am almost always wary and skeptic of “reports” and the data they use, but this one looks pretty legit. Hopefully this opens the eyes of  people in decision-making positions, or gives them more information and support for why the U.S. needs to make HUGE changes!!

In Extremists’ Iraq Rise, America’s Legacy (The New Yorker) – This is another painfully true article about the U.S.A.’s stormy past in Iraq. It’s a short read, but it gives you an idea of the predictable fall of Iraq – and maybe a lot of it could be blamed on the U.S.A.

Kenyan Leader Blames Domestic Foes, Nor Shabab, for Attacks (NY Times) – Wow, did you catch this news recently? Over 57 people have been killed in remote regions of Kenya and the Kenyan President blames it on “local political networks”. Super shady, but unfortunately not altogether surprising for Africa.

Auden WD College for Bards from The Poet & The City (Best American Poetry) – This is a gem of a picture taken from the book “The Poet & The City” where W. H. Auden lists his preferred curriculum for college students. Let’s just say, it’s brilliant and I am totally saving this for my future children.


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