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Film: “The Cherokee Word For Water”

As I’ve said before, I am a big advocate for film as a means to educate and promote ideas. Here is a wonderful example of a new docudrama called “The … Continue reading

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Check this out: Girls Court

NO ONE should have to grow up as these children have. I don’t understand why we have created modern societies focused on solving problems rather than preventing them. Most of … Continue reading

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Check this out: Fresh Food Vending Machines

I love this idea and I hope the business lasts and goes nation-wide! If you can’t get locally produced healthy food in the numerous and wide-spread fast food chains, why … Continue reading

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Suggested Internet Reading

How have ya’ll been doing? Everything here is peachy. Just a typical breakdown after spending $4 in a Dairy Queen on Wednesday ($1.50 for a bottle of water? $2.50 for … Continue reading

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Check this out: Ted Talk “Sh*t for change” by Mark Talesnik

Mark Talesnik is an Engineering professor at the Israel Institute of Technology. In this Ted Talk, Mr. Talesnik tells us why he believes in creating leaders out of his students … Continue reading

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Check this out: Net-Zero Energy Homes for Indians in South Dakota

Thank God for people who put their skills and knowledge to good use for the benefit of strangers. A local nonprofit, Thunder Valley Community Development Center, located in the Pine Ridge Reservation … Continue reading

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Check this out: A Case for Alternative Schooling

With all the negative press around the U.S. education system, it’s not surprising that many parents are choosing alternative schooling methods for their children. Is this wise, or is it … Continue reading

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Check this out: A Lonely Quest for Facts on Genetically Modified Crops

THIS is a great article!! The GMO “fight” really has grown in reach just in the last few years. We’ve all heard both sides of the argument, but it’s hard … Continue reading

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Check this out: A Culture of Violence in Papua New Guinea

It’s certainly not a secret that domestic violence occurs all over the world. Unfortunately, it is worse in some countries and regions than in others. The main reason for this? … Continue reading

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Check this out: The Need + Want Equation

Buying only what we need and love/want is such a powerful concept, especially for the X and Y Generations. I appreciated this article by Maxwell Tielman (posted on Design*Sponge, link … Continue reading

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Check this out: “New Harvest” Low Income Housing in Chicago

This is some inspiration for businesses to choose the right projects to work on. Landon Bone Baker Architects, in Chicago, is a great company to follow. They partnered with First … Continue reading

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Check this out: Teaching is the Best Way to Learn

This is what happens when we use our noggins, folks. Come on educators, put your thinking caps on!! Teaching is the Best Way to Learn: Why One Man is Hiring … Continue reading

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Check this out: Ted Talk “Our century’s greatest injustice”

I really enjoy Ted Talks. If you aren’t familiar with Ted, you had better get over to right now to check out what you are missing! TED stands for … Continue reading

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Check this out: Three Ways to Make a Difference For Public Education

I love reading and writing about topics which need to be solved. Not all topics, mind you, but as you see on my website, I take a particular interest in … Continue reading

January 9, 2014 · Leave a comment
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