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Check this out: Temporary Dormitories in Thailand

A wonderful example of an architecture firm designing for sustainability and the local region, rather than simply bringing an outside design which has been used over and over again from … Continue reading

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Check this out: Very few ethnic minorities work in the Liberal Media

Although this article is incredibly controversial, I think the author (Gabriel Arana) brings up excellent points about the general ethnicities working in the media. He focuses on liberal media, since … Continue reading

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Check this out: Redesign of NYC Dept. of Probation

I LOVE how the design industry is reaching beyond always building new things – buildings, houses, cars, etc. There is a new surge towards “fixing” current designs which are not … Continue reading

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Suggested Internet Reading

I can’t believe it’s almost June. I need to get my act together so that 2014 isn’t as boring as 2013 was. 😉 Here’s a smattering of interesting articles I … Continue reading

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Check this out: The human cost of the Bangladeshi garment industry

This is a heart-wrenching video/interactive article. There’s no getting around that. BUT it’s so important to learn about – to see the truth behind how clothes are made and what … Continue reading

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Icon Company: Etwas

Ya’ll. There are just some companies that blow you away, right? I had to immediately share this American company, Etwas, with you because they have a banging business idea. First … Continue reading

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Icon Person: Zainab Salbi

I very much respect women who step out of the boundaries and follow their passion to make a difference. I truly believe that we, as women, are more caring and … Continue reading

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Icon Person: Camille Lepage

Unfortunately I am learning about Camille Lepage’s work through her obituary. Camille was confirmed dead on May 13th by the French government, passing away at the very young age of 26. … Continue reading

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Icon Person: Dolores Huerta

Dolores Huerta is an activist and co-founder of United Farm Workers. She has worked tirelessly all of her life promoting women’s and worker’s rights. I highly recommend checking out the … Continue reading

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Suggested Internet Reading

My husband took a lot of beautiful photos of sunsets when we went to visit his hometown a couple of week ago. This is one that I particularly liked. No … Continue reading

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Check this out: Ted Talk by Sonia Shah

I love this Ted talk from Sonia Shah. Is anyone else kinda sick of the roundabout that we are in regarding malaria? We’ve been “fighting” malaria for decades, and it … Continue reading

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Icon Person: Eman Mohammed

The strength of a determined woman is implacable. Eman Mohammed is a young photojournalist in Gaza. She is the only woman photojournalist in her city because of the deep cultural … Continue reading

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Icon Company: Bon George

Woo hoo! A clothing company that is doing it right! Bon George is based in Los Angeles and their tag line is “conscious clothing”. This means that they are focused … Continue reading

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Icon Company: Grist & Toll

I am inspired by women like Nan Kohler who understand what community means and should look like. She’s one of the few who are taking action to bring us closer … Continue reading

May 12, 2014 · Leave a comment
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