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Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed wine! I’ve never been a big alcohol drinker and pregnancy definitely took away any inclination I once had. But now that I’m a new mom, I definitely don’t feel guilty for having a glass every now and then. Much deserved, right? 😉

Here are some interesting links from around the web… Enjoy!

Theaster Gates: How to revive a neighborhood (TED Talk) – Mr. Gates looks so unassuming, but he is a force! I am so impressed by what he is doing in Chicago and around the United States. I am an introvert so I am always amazed at how community builders can draw people together to do great things.

Pakistani rights activist Sabeen Mahmud shot dead (Al Jazeera) – A heart-breaking story out of Pakistan, which is still a country in much distress.

The Shortness of Life: Seneca on Busyness and the Art of Living Wide Rather Than Living Long (Brain pickings) – Amen to this statement! We should be living wide rather than living long. I absolutely love every part of this essay by Maria Popova. It’s something that I need to read weekly to be reminded to apply it to my life, since it’s one of my greatest personal struggles.

Is Russophobia a Thing? (GOOD) – Have I told you guys that I am especially intrigued by Russia? I’m sure it has popped up at some time or another. Well, I think this article hits the nail on the head. The majority of the media about Russia is negative, have you noticed that? I totally notice it and I think that’s one of the reasons that intrigues me more about this country. I want to experience Russia for myself one day, not from what these journalists say. (I’m a rebel.)

For Jon Stewart, Life After The Daily Show Will Mean Running An Animal Rescue Sanctuary (GOOD) – What a surprise! I mean, Jon Stewart has always been cool and proactive. But I really didn’t expect this from him. Fist bump, Jon.

Jose Miguel Sokoloff: How Christmas lights helped guerrillas put down their guns (TED Talk) – This was a very unique and interesting talk, showing how advertising can be used for good!


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