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What a crazy summer we are having in terms of news, especially coming out of the United States! It’s gotten me completely out of sync because there has been so much debate and argument… let’s all relax a bit and try to remember to simply love our neighbor. The weather is nice and communities are in full swing. Enjoy it! And enjoy these articles I found for you, too. 🙂

How to Find Your Purpose and Do What You Love (brain pickings) Ah, the question of our generation. This article is actually helpful, as Maria Popova shares intelligent advice from 7 persons/sources.

Move Over, Hillary! Victoria Woodhull Was the First Woman to Run for U.S. President (MAKERS) – A quick history lesson for us today!

The Difference between Holland & the Netherlands (C. G. P. Grey) – A great video clip, if you were interested in knowing why the Netherlands is also commonly referred to as Holland.

Students Stand Firm Behind Artistic Depictions of Police Brutality (GOOD) – How are we supposed to deal with any of the issues plaguing our country today, such as police brutality, gender equality and modern technology if we can’t express ourselves?” one artist asks.

Musicians from across the globe audition to play underground in NYC (The Week) – This is incredible. I had no idea!

Tehran swaps ‘death to America’ billboards for Picasso and Matisse (The Guardian) – This needs to happen worldwide… down with annoying advertising and up with art, history and culture!


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