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Check this out: Ben & Jerry’s Sourcing Fairtrade Ingredients

© Ben & Jerry's

© Ben & Jerry’s

F* yes – Ben & Jerry’s is seriously one of the most admirable companies in the world. I love these guys. They announced in April that they completed their goal of sourcing all sugar, cocoa, vanilla, coffee and bananas through Fairtrade-certified companies. This is for ALL of their ice cream – pint, scoop, and mini cups.

“The essence of Fairtrade is a commitment to justice and to knowing that the people who grew and produced the ingredients we consume were paid a fair price for their work. In return, the farmers, who are supported and promoted by the global organization Fairtrade International, agree to use environmentally sound farming practices, implement fair working standards, and invest back in their own communities.”

Way to go!

Ben & Jerry’s now sourcing Fairtrade ingredients for all ice cream flavors : TreeHugger.


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