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We all need a good laugh, preferably every day. Don’t you agree? Life is meant for us to enjoy, which includes laughing at whatever gives you the pleasure.

Hopefully you had a good laugh today! If not, maybe one of these articles below will touch your funny bone. Enjoy!

Why Is Your Millennial Crying? (The Nib) –  A comic book “guide” for parents with millennials. Priceless.

It’s Like They Know Us – A hilarious tumblr about ridiculous parenting stock photos.

Hillary Clinton To Nation: ‘Do Not Fuck This Up For Me’ (The Onion) – Classic.

How to React to an Ugly Baby (wikiHow) – Love it.

Epic Parenting Fails (Buzzfeed) – You don’t have to be a parent to appreciate these hilarious stories.

Yelp Reviews of Newborn Babies (The Ugly Volvo) – Ok, this one might be more for new parents but regardless, it’s awesome.


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