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You may have noticed that I link to a lot of GOOD articles. I love their website! It’s always full of interesting and usually positive information on a variety of topics. They also have a magazine, if you are interested in subscribing.

Heinz, Kraft to create world’s No. 5 food company (USA Today) – Not a fan of these huge conglomerates… jobs are lost, a few people become filthy rich, and decisions affecting dozens of brands and billions of consumers are made by a very small number of people.

This Artwork is Only Visible When it Rains (GOOD) – Did you catch this viral video? Really cool use of a water-repellant substance. Happy messages that you see only when it rains!

Independence Day Clothing Makes Easy, GPS-Enabled Clothing for Autistic People (GOOD) – What a great and helpful idea for autistic people (and could be used for disabled persons or the elderly, too)! Clothes that are safe (no buttons, zippers, etc.), easy to put on, attractive, and that have a GPS built in. Brilliant.

Delivery Drones May Form a Blood Supply Network for Hospitals (GOOD) – Another brilliant idea. A fast way to get precious blood to hospitals, especially rural hospitals which typically carry a small supply of blood.

The Click Clique (Texas Monthly) – This is quite a long article about Amber Venz and Reward Style, but it sucked me in and I soaked up the whole thing. I love reading about how millennials have followed their instincts to become super successful. This is doubly interesting because it involves the blogging industry, which I am loosely a part of, but which I have followed for a decade.

Crowdsourcing Brainpower (GOOD) – This is similar to the link I posted last week (Now You Can Help NASA Hunt Asteroids Like A Pro) about using crowdsourcing to help government agencies and professionals. There are some other organisations mentioned in this new article to help scientists with a variety of “chores.” Check it out!

Traffic Robocops are Making Streets Safer in Congo (GOOD) – I never would have thought that placing “Robocops” at intersections would actually improve traffic conditions, but the experiment worked in the DRC! I especially love how the concept was dreamed up by a group of women at the Kinshasa Higher Institute of Applied Technique.

Yelp Reviews of Newborn Babies (The Ugly Volvo) – You must read this whether you have children or not. It’s hilarious.

How a TED Fellow is holding New York City landlords accountable (GOOD) – Really great and necessary website created by Yale Fox to keep landlords honest and to help renters identify possible bad landlords before signing a lease. It’s called RentCheck and it’s currently available in New York City, and will eventually be available in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Pups and Teen Inmates Alike Benefit From New Rikers Program That Brings Shelter Dogs to the Island (GOOD) – This isn’t a new idea (putting inmates in charge of shelter animals), but it is new for the notorious Rikers Island Jail in New York City. Sounds like a great program that should be rolled out nation-wide and used much more often!


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