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Check this out: Powering Future Cars By Corn Byproducts


As I’ve said before, I am not mechanically-inclined at all. How ethanol is made and used to power machines is way over my head. However, I recognize a good business practice when I see it!

Scientists are experimenting with using waste products like corn husks to produce precious ethanol instead of having to plant crops and deplete space and natural resources for the production (since currently only the corn itself can be used in the ethanol production process).

“The research found five different naturally occurring yeasts, and one in particular, that are fantastically capable of breaking down material that would normally go to waste—straw, sawdust, corncobs, that kind of thing. The best yeast turns out to be one that’s traditionally used in the production of sake, which is pretty cool. That particular yeast is the most tolerant to the toxic compounds that come from the breakdown of straw, and could become incredibly important to making use of these waste products.” (taken from linked article below)

Could Future Cars Be Powered By Corncobs And Straw? – Modern Farmer.


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