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Check this out: Yum! Brands Commits to Using Deforestation-Free Palm Oil By 2017


Excellent news coming from Yum! brands, including restaurants KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. They will only source their palm oil from deforestation-free areas by 2017.

“In countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, where 85 percent of oil palm is grown, deforestation to make room for more plantations is commonplace, locals are subject to severe human rights violations, and endangered species like orangutans are either displaced or hunted down.” (taken from linked article below)

I also love the way that the Union of Concerned Scientists pushed Yum! and other companies to make this declaration. They issue an annual scorecard rating major brands on their individual commitment to sustainable palm oil sourcing. By shaming the low-scorers in front of their customers, brands know they have to step up to the plate if they want to continue to attract today’s audience. Smart move, scientists!

Yum! Brands Commits to Using Deforestation-Free Palm Oil By 2017 | GOOD.


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