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Suggested Internet Reading (Old Edition)

I’m pulling up some old articles today. When my computer died months ago, I thought I lost all of my saved articles (saved in my Safari bookmarks). Well lo and behold, with the new Apple software update, they came back to my new computer! I’m not questioning the logic, but I am happy to not have lost that information. 🙂

So here are some articles that I had saved months ago. Hope you like them!

Where Do Borders Need to be Redrawn? (NY Times) – This Room for Debate piece is very interesting. I personally hate borders and government, mainly out of sheer annoyance for all the different rules and regulations and, frankly, borders that it puts on Mama Earth. But alas, no one is going to be doing away with them completely, so how could some borders possibly be redrawn to create better order out of chaos? Interesting to wrap your head around.

Farming the Apocalypse (Aeon) – The bi-line is “When my life came crashing down I took shelter on my farm, surviving with 11th-century tools like the sickle and scythe.” This is a long read, but it sucked me in. Maybe because I’m obsessed with sustainable farming… but mainly because author Keith Ferrell is a joy to read.

Maya Penn, ‘Meet a young entrepreneur, cartoonist, designer, activist…’ (TED Talk) – This TED Talk from 13-year old Maya Penn is seriously inspiring. It’s a little over 7 minutes long, but it’s worth the time to see a bright young creative making her way in the world. You can still do it too!

Anne Milgram, ‘Why smart statistics are the key to fighting crime’ (TED Talk) – Yes times a million! This TED Talk exposes some holes in police forces and the way that they are traditionally run. Leave it to a woman to make things more efficient. 🙂

Kevin Briggs, ‘The bridge between suicide and life’ (TED Talk) – Wow, this TED Talk discusses real-life suicide attempts that police officer Kevin Briggs has dealt with through his career in San Francisco. Everyone should listen to his wise words about how to prevent suicides.

William Black, ‘How to rob a bank (from the inside, that is)’ (TED Talk) – This guy is awesome. Except his TED Talk is very depressing. But, expose yourself to the truth! This stuff really does happen behind the scenes and here’s the guy to tell you how the bank frauds really occur and how financial executives continue making way to much money at the expense of everyone else.


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