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Well ya’ll, I’m in Miami. And it’s coooold. The weather Gods are not on my side on this trip. What’s new in your neck of the woods?

Here are some interesting articles lately… Enjoy!

All Dressed Up For Mars and Nowhere to Go (Medium) – This article by Elmo Keep is awesome. It’s very long, but it hooked me and I read every word. Space travel is beyond my comprehension, and even moreso why someone would want a one-way ticket. Ms. Keep does great investigative journalism looking at both pros and cons. Really fascinating read.

U.N. Criticizes U.S. on Torture, Police Practices, Immigration Detention (ACLU) – This is serious and we really need to pay attention here.

 Class Prejudice Resurgent (NY Times) – A bit of a heady topic, but an important one nonetheless. As Americans, we constantly want to fix and better everything. I’ve come to realize that not everything has a solution, especially the grand differences in the United States for her size and population differences. Diversity has its pros and cons. Unfortunately instead of embracing the changes and learning how to create a better world for everyone, many people and groups prefer to resist the change. Unfortunately it’s not a black and white matter; there is a lot of gray and that is why it’s impossible to come to a solution for how to create a happy United States culture and society. I’d love to hear more thoughts from readers…

U.N. Cuts Food Aid to Refugees From Syria (NY Times) – Another serious note coming from the United Nations. Why are countries not donating? Individual national economic woes (foreshadowing another recession) or disinterest?

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s Plan to Wire the World (Time) – This is a very long article, but it’s an interesting discussion. Deep down, I do feel that opening internet access to everyone is a good initiative. The internet has so many good things, especially in regards to information about everything. No, I don’t like the dependence that it creates, the social network high school drama, privacy concerns, etc. But in the grand scheme of things, allowing impoverished people access to the internet will give them so many more opportunities to improve their situation. Let’s see how this pans out…

I failed to teach my kids about childhood hunger. Did you? (I am Baker) – I thought this was a great lesson that she showed her kids about childhood hunger.


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