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Hellooo, everyone! What’s new? ¿Qué tal?

I’m getting ready for a trip to the United States – I’ll be gone for an entire month! This is the longest I’ve been outside of Panama since I arrived over 4 years ago…

I hope you enjoy some of the articles I’ve come across lately. 🙂

The Creepy New Wave of the Internet (The New York Review of Books) – I skimmed this article, though if you have maybe 30 minutes, it would definitely be interesting to read the entire thing. It’s talking about the future! Not so far away! All those sci-fi movies are going to be real life before we know it… I just think about how far apart it will set these electronic societies from everyone else.

Guns and Public Health (NY Times) – Very interesting point of view from a guns dealer, but who also believes the USA needs to rein in on Second Amendment rights. One perspective he takes is regarding health concerns, for example suicides by guns. What if doctors could talk to their patients more candidly about gun risks and injuries? It’s a touchy topic, but someone should start the national debate.

A Losing Battle (Fusion) – Wow, powerful article about the Board for Correction of Military Records. This is serious reporting and I hope it gets picked up by some mainstream sources. Injustice within branches of our government are NOT ok.

“If we run and they kill us, so be it. But we have to run now.” (Medium) – A very moving and well-written story retelling the events of the kidnapping of the Nigerian girls by Boko Haram, told by girls who escaped their fate. It’s a long read (about 30 minutes), but worth it to hear the tale.

How Medical Care is Being Corrupted (NY Times) – This is a VERY brief and limited article, but it spills the beans about some big problems in the medical industry. Moral of the story: Insurers suck. Check out the comments, too, for some interesting supporting evidence.

Criminal Justice Reform Brings Together Liberals, Conservatives (Washington Free Beacon) – For some good news, prison reform has bipartisan support from unlikely groups such as the Koch Institute, ACLU, and Heritage Foundation. Hopefully we will finally start making progress in this area!!


One comment on “Suggested Internet Reading

  1. David
    November 25, 2014

    Particularly enjoyed the first article. As a long time technologist for me the future described here is one that I cannot wait for – not creepy at all.
    The story of the kidnapping of the Nigerian girls what quite moving – I cannot imagine having to make a decision like that.

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