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Click on the picture to see where I stayed in Las Lajas, Panamá! Beautiful place…

Hello from the beach! I escaped a house full of boys for a week. 🙂 Anything fun going on in your neck of the woods?

Here are some interesting articles for you all… Enjoy!

New Hampshire Republican: Rep. Ann McLane Kuster “is ugly as sin” (CBS News) – Uhhhh this is a great example of everything that is wrong with politics in the United States. But what’s even worse than the fact that many politicians don’t have any tact nor respect nor professionalism anymore, is that the American people don’t care!! Just read the comments on this article and you will want to dig yourself a hole. Then check out the original post from NH Rep. Steve Vaillancourt and check out his note in the comments stating that he’s had to delete dozens (umm probably hundreds by now) of “inappropriate” comments, meaning anyone against his viewpoint or slamming him, just like he did to Rep. Kuster without disregard (hypocrite!!). Ppffff makes me sick!

12 words even smart people get wrong (Cup of Jo) – I love grammar, so this post made me smile (and the comments are great to read, too!).

News Flash – shit food equates to shit health! (Whole Larder Love) – I love this guy, Rohan Anderson. He posted  a video that he did in Wales (about 30 minutes) talking more about his life and how it got him to where he is today. Really inspirational guy if you are into living naturally and simply!

Intense Photos Show What’s Happening in Burkina Faso Right Now (Mic) – I love how little countries never get proper news coverage. It’s a people’s revolution! Against the dictator! Serious stuff, really.

America’s Broken Politics (NY Times) – This is the best article I’ve personally seen following up from the election. Check out the comments too. In my opinion, good solid words and advice from Nicholas Kristof.

Inside Manhattan’s Secret ‘Cult’ (New York Post) – This is just creepy and sad. Have any of you ever heard of ‘The Light’?

Cancel the Midterms (NY Times) – I want to shout this from the rooftops. This article makes all the sense in the world. Why don’t we do it, America?


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