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Check this out: What To Do About Plastic Bottle Waste

Ugh, I hate plastic bottles, especially water bottles. In areas where tap water is drinkable/potable, they should be banned, in my opinion. And don’t even get me started on soda and ‘juices’, which should be banned outright just for being bad for you (yes, those ‘juices’ are loaded with shit that your body doesn’t need nor want!).

Since not many people share my ‘extreme’ views, what else can be done to curb plastic bottle waste?

This article (linked below) has some good and realistic ideas. Primarily it lauds the bottle bill, which is currently active in 10 states. This bill states that retailers collect a $0.05 (or more) deposit on every recyclable bottle sold, and when the bottle is returned to the store, the consumer receives the deposit back. Go to the article to learn more about why the bottle bill has made such an impact on collecting plastic bottle waste.

How to Cap Plastic Bottle Waste.


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