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Panama City, Panama

We’re making a big trip to the city tomorrow. Wish us luck! It will be my first time driving a car in Panama City and we have a really important meeting with the U.S. Embassy. Fingers crossed that all goes well!

Here are some interesting reads from around the web…

After 9/11: How Expensive is Guantánamo Justice? (Ms. Magazine Blog) – Author Perlette Michèle Jura makes great points in this article about the bigger picture of the 5 alleged 9/11 terrorists being held in Guantánamo, Cuba. It’s been 13 years and they are no where near going to trial for these men. Really? I just can’t believe that our government cannot provide sufficient evidence against these men and that the defense cannot provide sufficient evidence of their supposed innocence. This is a never-ending VERY expensive story that really needs to be put to rest. But instead, higher powers are dragging their feet at surprisingly-named ‘Camp Justice’. No point to question the real motives here. But everything about this situation is very strange and un-American, in my opinion.

The Vain and the Desperate (NY Times) – This is just depressing, but true. Are you proud of any politicians from your state? I’d love to know who. We hear so much about the ones who suck. I’m pretty sick of the direction that politics is going – spending so much time and effort on raising money! How about thinking hard about what really needs to be done to better our failing country? Oh wait, you pay people to think for you… all talking heads at the end of the day.

Stimulate the Economy Like a Minimalist (The Minimalists) – Well said quick read about… well, why stimulating the economy like a minimalist isn’t bad. We don’t have to be consumerists to have a powerful economy!

Spreading the Word on High-Impact Nonprofits, a Dollar a Day (GOOD) – Now THIS is a great way to encourage people to give. The founder of Kickstarter has created a fantastic new way to allow people to easily give to worthy causes. It’s called Dollar A Day. You provide your credit card number and $30 is deducted every month. $1 per day is given to a different organization each day that their team has researched and chosen based on having innovative solutions and a responsible track record. Donors are sent a simple email each day highlighting the organization which received the funds. Of course, if it’s one that you are particularly interested in, you can contact the organization for more information. Win win!

Why Is the USDA Buying Submachine Guns? (Modern Farmer) – Good question, right? Well, their defense is that they need to protect themselves. Check out the article to find out what they are protecting themselves against and why many people are against this purchase.

London Skaters Fought Gentrification, And Won (GOOD) – This is great news! I’m happy to see the city of London and even the Mayor standing up for this sacred space for skaters not only in London but also from around the world. It’s really important that we protect the arts against money-making short-term schemes.


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