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From "Honest Slogans", Cup of Jo

From “Honest Slogans”, Cup of Jo

Oh I am finallyyyyyy getting some down time at the beach next week! Are you guys taking any fall vacations?

Here are some curated posts by me as of late… Enjoy!

TV Chief Takes 2-by-4 to a Proposed Cable Merger (NY Times) – YES! I am totally behind Patrick Gottsch, the chairman of two small television stations which broadcast rural-themed shows. Merging Comcast and Time Warner would be the dumbest approval EVER of the FCC.

Journalist Kidnapped in Syria Reacts to ISIS’s James Foley Beheading (New Republic) – Ya’ll, sometimes I can’t even believe the times that we are living in. How will we look back on this in 50 years? Well, Tom A. Peter takes a good hard look at his life as a journalist and questions the importance. To me, this is a HUGELY important article. It says SO MUCH about the “intelligence” of American citizens and how terrible the media has become in the past 5 years especially. We think we are SO well informed! But we are not. We read what we want to read, things that strengthen our already deeply held beliefs. We are too quick to state our “informed” opinion based off one article we read and the news program that we always watch. We desperately need reporters on the ground telling the real TRUTH, not heads of huge broadcasting agencies telling their news prompters what to write and print. It’s way too bad that we don’t pay any attention to the people actually doing the real reporting, and we focus all of our time listening to these talking heads who have only $$$ and special interests on their minds.

Inmate’s Death in Overheated Rikers Cell is Ruled Accidental (NY Times) – Ok, so this title is a bit misleading. The medical examiner’s office ruled the death accidental, but it is yet to be seen what the courts think about it. Though it is utterly APPALLING that the warden of the jail was only ‘demoted’ and the correctional officer on duty the night that Jerome Murdough died was given a 30 day suspension. The poor man died of hyperthermia because his cell reached 100 degrees! “The heat’s interaction with an antipsychotic medication he was taking for a schizoaffective disorder contributed to his death.” Apparently McKinsey & Co. is on the case to recommend changes to improve Rikers. It’s simple – fire all the bastards in charge!

Candidates Playing Possum (NY Times) – Gail Collins makes an interesting point in this short opinion piece. What happened to good political debates? She brings up many factors contributing to the decline and no shows, and the comments suggest some more great reasons/excuses. In the overall scheme of things, I think it’s a huge problem. We are voting for people who we don’t even know what they stand for!! Goodbye, democracy. It was nice knowin’ ya.

Ready, Aim, Fire. Not Fire, Ready, Aim. (NY Times) – Well we are entering into very important international times, folks. Don’t stick your head in the sand! It’s time to stay educated and alert on these matters because war, no matter how involved the U.S. is, is a big deal. I liked this opinion piece by Thomas Friedman. He lays out some basic information and I agree with his point of view, though the whole debacle really is a huge complicated mess.

Honest Slogans (Cup of Jo) – These are sooooo funny! I posted one of my favorites above. 🙂


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