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Wow guys, I have been a bit behind lately! I’ll blame it on computer problems, mainly. But I got a new computer so all is solved in that world. Now for catch up time…

How have you all been?

Life around here has been full of ups and downs. But really, that is life, isn’t it?

Hope you enjoy these articles below!

Rethinking Campaign Finance (NY Times) – This article seems like common sense to me. Maybe it’s because of my generation, being raised with an awareness of what money can buy you and the consequences that come from it (think of all the celebrity mishaps, for instance). I’m happy to see one congressman standing up against big (HUGE) money influencing politicians. Let’s hope Sarbanes’ bill passes so we can begin to return to a true democracy in the United States.

Explanation for Siberian ‘black holes’? (11 Alive) – Uhh so this is pretty creepy. Apparently there are multiple huge holes that the Earth is making in Siberia in order to release methane gas. Why? Because of global warming, of course. HELLOOOOOOOO. This is not a joke.

No Charges for Rikers Officers in 2012 Beatings of 2 Inmates (NY Times) – Have ya’ll been following this? A number of articles have come out after this one was published and each one is mind boggling. This one in particular really had me con la boca abierta (with my mouth hanging open). The justice system in the US is totally flawed and this is one example that is finally coming to light. Unfortunately all the publicity isn’t really changing things for the better. WTF?

Save My Daughter. Share This Video. (YouTube) – Very smart money-making gig through YouTube for a really sad disease called Rett Syndrome. The video shows one little girl’s short journey with the disease (don’t worry,  she’s still alive!). The money from the video ads is donated to a research organization, so go watch it!

Edward Snowden: The Untold Story (WIRED) – Guys, I have a big crush on Edward Snowden. WEIRD! I loved this new article about some more details of Snowden’s history and the reasons behind why he did what he did and how he got to where he is now. It was no easy journey, but aren’t we ALL the better for it.

The Immortal Horizon (Believer Mag) – What a fun article about an intense race in Tennessee. And I mean INTENSE. If you like adventure, definitely check this out.


4 comments on “Suggested Internet Reading

  1. More Sweets Please
    September 5, 2014

    Good to hear from you again… and what a beautiful cat. Big fan of the felines!

  2. mbstrawn
    September 5, 2014

    yay for cat fans! i love ’em, even though this one is dennis the menace in a black garfield costume.

  3. Linda Strawn
    September 6, 2014

    Hey MB! thanks for the article on the Barkley. I had read with much fascination about this “race” years ago when i was into running and always wondered why people chose such crazy paths in life! But just knowing such a thing exists makes me more brave in my little corner of the world.

    • mbstrawn
      September 6, 2014

      i agree, it’s a crazy thing to do! i was glad that the author went into some detail on similar traits that these runners all have. i also liked reading about it from the point of view of a spectator.

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