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Check this out: Cameron Russell starts a magazine

Some of you may recognise Cameron Russell since she is a famous model, but she has started a new initiative in the last year to use her fame and fortune to promote voices and issues that are often unheard.

The new magazine is called ‘Interrupt’ and it’s in it’s 4th issue (they are producing about 2 issues per year).

“I’m totally fascinated by undervalued leaders and experts,” says Russell, “Why does our media ignore them, why does our electoral system ignore them? I wanted to build a sustainable platform for them—be it a magazine, a media outlet or a physical space, a network. I think there are a lot of different iterations.”

Way to go, Cameron!!

From model to managing editor: Cameron Russell starts a magazine | TED Blog.


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This entry was posted on August 28, 2014 by in Minority Race/Poor/Indigenous Rights, Women and Children's Rights.
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