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I have another blog, which maybe some of you might like. Actually, I have many blogs. Let’s be real. But today, I want to introduce you to It’s for the artistic side of me.

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying on the interwebs lately…

In Prisons, Sky-High Phone Rates and Money Transfer Fees (NY Times) – HFG (Holy F*ing God, learn that one because it’s an original from yours truly) there is nothing that pisses me off more than one person, group, organization or company taking advantage of the helpless. Here is a prime example. If you want to get your heart beat up (hey, free exercise), read this article and then contact your local Prison Phone Justice team to pledge your support against this STUPID injustice.

The U.S. Should Copy Sweden and Denmark’s Work-Family Policies (New Republic) – This is a great in-depth article about the whole work-family situation; the big difference between the U.S. and many European countries. It’s one thing to complain about it, but author Jonathan Cohn goes into depth about what’s holding the U.S. back and why we should still forge ahead with the plans.

Robert Gardner Dies at 88; Filmed Cultural Practices (NY Times) – Wow, I have never heard of these documentaries of Robert Gardner, but they are REAL. No messing around, folks. But this is what is needed! His documentaries are only a few decades old and already many of the filmed practices are dying out. I greatly support this type of work and we’re very lucky to have Robert Gardner’s videos. His legacy will live on!

Gun nuts are terrorizing America: The watershed moment everyone missed (Salon) – Veeeeery interesting insight into the escalating situation in the West… it really is interesting that there isn’t more media coverage on this. Those people are truly nuts and recent shootouts show that the situation isn’t getting any better.

Charlatans, Cranks and Kansas (NY Times) – Although I like finance, economics never caught on for me. So I am the last person you want to ask about economic policy… however, this article from Paul Krugman breaks down (in an editorial way, not academic manner) the current problematic economic state in Kansas, tracing it back to shady tactics by Arthur Laffer. Interesting read, especially if you support slashing income taxes in order to “give the economy a boost”.

It’s Really Hard to Be a Good Guy With a Gun (Gawker) – Well isn’t this the article to end all gun articles. Adam Weinstein blatantly and eloquently says what any gun owner (with at least half a brain) is thinking. When is it ok to pull your weapon and use it? That answer isn’t really as straight-forward as it seems.


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