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Check this out: When the Juvenile Justice System Isn’t the Answer

This is certainly a touchy subject. It’s like parenting; no one wants to be told how to raise their kid. In this case, no one knows what to do with kids who break the law.

I like this article below by Nicholas Kristof, because he does good investigative journalism work. It’s not perfect though; it’s quite biased in favor of the adolescent. However, it does give you a better view of the broader picture.

Let’s face it, does it really work to lock kids up? What’s the success rate for these kids later in life? We know it’s not good, so why does the government not care to change the system? Too expensive? It’s a hell of a lot cheaper to fix it in the short term and have more active engaged citizens than full jails!!

If our government leaders weren’t wasting so much time campaigning just to keep their jobs, they would have more time and concern to fix our society’s biggest problems. I really hope to see that day come before I die.

When the Juvenile Justice System Isn’t the Answer –


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