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Are ya’ll watching the World Cup? I live in Panamá and my beau is obsessed with soccer. 🙂 He’s cheering for Germany! How about you guys?

Here’s what caught my eye recently. Enjoy!

Iraq Insurgents Reaping Wealth as They Advance (NY Times) – Most of us are so far removed from “Iraq Insurgents” that it’s impossible to imagine what is happening over there and how it all works. Well, this article does a very good job explaining how groups like this gain power and keep it. The bottom line – money. And a lot of it.

I Just Turned 25. Here’s Why I’m Running for Federal Office (Mic) – I like this guy’s attitude. And I hope more young people step up to the plate. Because our generation might not be “experienced” like the old fogies, but we have IDEAS and ENERGY and PASSION and HOPE. I think Obama did a good job starting with the change that the U.S.A. needs, but we are far far from where we should be as a country. It’s going to take some strong people to break barriers and fix the shit that previous administrations and generations have caused.

Eric Cantor and the Death of a Movement (NY Times) – THIS article goes hand in hand with the previous one. It’s exactly why we need to get people like this out of office, and usher in people who are actually going to work for the PEOPLE, not just protect the rich business owners’ interests. This is also why we need to put caps on how long one can serve in one public position.

Sting: my children won’t inherit my wealth (The Telegraph) – What a great move on Sting’s behalf! This “old” money is really killing us as a society. It grows exponentially for it’s size, so this group of people will always have better access to everything simply because they will always have money to pay for anything. They get the best education, make the best connections, receive the best job offers, etc. Really in the past century when industry and entertainment got going is when we’ve seen LOTS of millionaires and now billionaires. So this cycle has started and is now starting to take effect on society, in the form of a TERRIBLE income inequality, even in rich countries.

Dr. Arnold Relman, 91, Journal Editor and Health System Critic, Dies (NY Times) – What a fascinating man and life. He was brilliant and ahead of his time. Too bad no one f*ing heeded his advice…

Mayors Put Focus on How to Raise Wages for Lowest-Paid Workers in Cities (NY Times) – I didn’t realize that all Mayors gather at a conference to talk about ways to improve their cities. F*CK YES! Collaboration is where it’s at, friends. It’s also interesting that the focus of this article (and apparently, the conference) is on the income inequality and how it’s completely out of control. I love what Bill de Blasio (Mayor of New York City) said, “If our federal partners or our state partners aren’t acting quickly enough, we will act.” That’s the spirit!!


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