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Fun rafting trip last week with Boquete Outdoor Adventure!

Fun rafting trip last week with Boquete Outdoor Adventures!

I can’t believe it’s almost June. I need to get my act together so that 2014 isn’t as boring as 2013 was. 😉

Here’s a smattering of interesting articles I came across recently, with a bit of an international slant. Enjoy!

China may build an undersea train to America (The Washington Post) – Have you heard about this? It’s my first time catching wind of it. Although I literally don’t understand the engineering behind a feat like this, apparently it’s possible with the technology that China has. Incredible.

Protecting Antarctica and Eating Together: The Essentials (Maptia) – Antarctica is incredibly fascinating. This article goes into a bit of the history of the exploration of the continent and discusses the author’s involvement in several clean-up initiatives. It’s a great reminder that we need to take care of our planet so that it will take care of us.

Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future (Medium) – This article is downright scary. Mainly because the threats are so real and it seems like NO ONE is doing anything about it. I wish there were a comments section because I’m sure some people would pipe up on current research that is being done to possibly replace antibiotics or something… hopefully… But unfortunately there isn’t a comments section, so we are left with the grim realisation that maybe we are digressing when it comes to treating infections and saving lives.

Learning How to Live Closer to the Land (Maptia) – I am quite obsessed with this natural movement. The author’s story of his time at the Quail Springs Learning Oasis in California, learning about Permaculture and natural living, is like a dream for me. Hopefully it inspires something in you too!

Tasting France Through 5 Signature Dishes (NY Times) – I’ve always loved food, though I would definitely say that I am not a “foodie”.  However, that sense has heightened in the last few years as I have eaten quite simply in Panamá. Traditional Panamanian flavors are very bland and that leaves something for the wanting after awhile. This beautifully written article about the diversity of French cuisine left my mouth watering…

The Human Towers of Catalunya (Maptia) – This was my first time hearing about these Human Towers from the Catalonia region of Spain. The photos are impressive! But what is more interesting is the tradition and pride behind this activity, which is only found in Catalonia.


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