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My husband took a lot of beautiful photos of sunsets when we went to visit his hometown a couple of week ago. This is one that I particularly liked. No photoshop!

Here are some interesting articles I read recently:

South Sudan fighting resumes as ceasefire hopes dashed (The Guardian) – Unfortunately South Sudan isn’t in the media much, though they are actually in the middle of a brutal civil war and have been since January. It’s also unfortunate that it’s tough to find accurate information regarding the conflict, since most international media outlets don’t have posts nor many contacts in South Sudan. This is the best unbiased article I’ve seen to give you an idea of the current situation.

Preventing Genocide in South Sudan (The Daily Beast) – Along similar lines of the previous article, Eric Reeves and John Prendergrast explain the gravity of this situation and how it is possible to improve it, with the help of the international community.

Bank holidays here again – but why not a four day week every week? (New Economics Foundation) – Great question in this title! Although the results of the survey are not super reliable (only 2162 people were surveyed and 63% were over the age of 40), it poses an interesting thought. Personally I would be totally for it. I have having just 2 free days to “relax”. One day is spent cleaning the house and the other day is spent running errands. Where’s the fun?? What’s your opinion?

NYC tips and etiquette (Cup of Jo) – Joanna profiles Nathan W. Pyle’s new book, which is brilliant! Here’s one of his tips:

For any of you who live in NYC or who love NYC, you’ve gotta check out Nathan’s book and/or Apple e-book!

I really enjoyed this Ted talk from Margaret Heffernan. First of all, Margaret is a really wonderful fluid speaker and story teller. Her experience with the whistleblower Galia Benefield opened up a world of exploring the importance of whistleblowers and Margaret shares her findings in this talk. Namely teaching us the dangers of “willful blindness”.

Another look at New York City, Janette Sadik-Khan explains how she led the effort to revolutionise New York City’s streets. Her work should be an inspiration to all city-planners!

And another look at Africa (I’m on a roll with similar links today!), Charles Robertson gives an inspirational talk about the hope that the world should have for Africa. I’m all for opening up a stock market in Africa to trade African companies. Who’s with me??


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