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Our new addition - Tare (Ta-ray)

Our new addition – Tare (Ta-ray)

I finally found a kitten to complete our little family! 🙂 Her name is Tare (ta-ray), which means “love” in my husband’s native language.

Here are this week’s interesting reads:

MIT Bitcoin Project (MIT Bitcoin Club) – Do you own bitcoin? Would you? How would you own it/spend it? I personally own some and definitely feel hopeful about its future. This experiment by the MIT Bitcoin Club is very interesting. First of all, never ever underestimate someone from a top technological university. These guys are onto something and it’s worth it to keep tuned it. Secondly, the implications for this experiment are big for the entire bitcoin community. This will be the first real studied “ecosystem” of bitcoin users and we’re bound to see some interesting results.

US comedy show host John Oliver takes a dig at Arnab (and berates the US media for ignoring the Indian polls) – ( Despite the super long article title, it’s actually just an 8 minute video, which I think is pretty important for everyone to see. I’ve never seen this guy, John Oliver, but he’s pretty courageous for saying the things he said on US television working for a US network. Let’s hope he keeps his job… but seriously, the US media is a disgrace and you’ll see yet another reason why in this video.

How to Fix Classroom Education: Get Rid of It (The Financialist) – I love this debate. I love when people get riled up and yell. Of course this typically happens since they are discussing possibly the most important thing in their lives – their children. Is it strange that I find pleasure in watching others argue and scream their lungs out? Ok, don’t answer that. The important thing is to read this article, because it’s a great out-of-the-box option for reinventing education. Too bad there isn’t a comments section!

Petite Planete (Let’s Get Lost) – Ya’ll, I love to travel. Kinda am obsessed with it. Anyone else? These vintage French travel guides look AMAZING. Una says, “The narratives were full of commentary and critique and the visuals surprising or unsettling, avoiding the glossy clichés of typical guidebooks. The covers in particular had a deliberately cinematic approach, each with a face of a woman, often staring at the viewer (or looking off) in a powerful, knowing way.” YES YES YES!! This gives me inspiration to start a new guide book company…

Gypsies, Gods and Dromedaries (Maptia) – This photo article by David Noyes is a beautiful look into modern day northern India.  I love how he goes beyond the pictures to apply a practical and historial meaning to his encounters.

This TED talk by Michael Sandel is an interesting one. Although I was disappointed with the direction and end of the talk, it still raises something important to consider. Our society has changed A LOT in the past few decades and this is one of those changes that goes relatively unnoticed. Whether it is good or bad doesn’t really matter since the deed/damage is done or being done. Reversing society and culture is very difficult, especially when it goes global. So I think the better question is how to use this new “market society” at our advantage or in a positive way.


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