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Icon Company: Avaaz

Avaaz - The World in Action

Ok ok, I am breaking the trend of not posting not-for-profit companies. MY BAD!

Surprisingly I came across another company, which happens to be non-profit, that I definitely wanted to share with you.

I received an email from Avaaz (apparently I registered with them at some point?) and normally I would have deleted it since it looked like something promotional, but I stopped and read it because it really caught my eye. It started out,

I feel continually grateful for the level of trust that Avaaz donors place in our work every month, and I wanted to make sure you know what happens after you make that important choice to hope and to give!”

Well, isn’t that thoughtful. An organization actually telling their donors what they are doing with the money. Few and far between…

Further down the email, they tell about 4 major things that they are supporting with the help of donations (saving rain forests, providing schooling for Syrian refugees, supporting an Israeli lawyer working with leaders of the Palestinian nonviolent movement, climate change campaign).

Then they remind their readers why they have skyrocketed to over 35 million members in just 5 years:

  • Our community calls the shots. We don’t accept any money (ever!) from governments, corporations, foundations, or large donors — making our community our only boss. Most of the non-profit sector is funded by very rich people, whose preferences deeply shape the work done.
  • We’re super fast. Even for urgent problems, it can take months or even years to raise money from foundations and large donors — but we can raise over $1 million in hours!
  • We’re political. Because our donations are not tax deductible, we have no government restrictions on calling out politicians, and politics is where many battles to save the world are won and lost.

And that’s why YOU need to check them out and consider supporting their efforts!

Avaaz – The World in Action.


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