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Ahh a few days alone with my puppy and my to-do list. Although I dearly miss my husband, it’s nice to be able to catch up on things and have some ME time!

Suspected Extremists Kidnap 100 Girls in Nigeria (NY Times) – Surprisingly this hasn’t gotten much media attention lately. However, it’s a pretty big deal and Nigeria might be next on the Arab Spring violence list…

Natal Birth Chart (Cafe Astrology) – Ok, this isn’t news, but it’s something cool and quite accurate so I thought I’d share it with you and see if I have any other astrology nerds (or haters!) out there. Look, whether you believe in it or not, give this thing a shot and tell me if your results were accurate or not. You have to admit, it’s kinda crazy how all of these “signs” can come together to tell so much about someone. It was spot on for my husband and I. 🙂

Echoes of the Superpredator (NY Times) – The “superpredator” was a stereotype placed upon young black males back in the 1990’s by John DiIulio Jr. which said that they would “kill, rape, maim, without giving it a second thought.” Way to typecast an entire race’s generation, dumbass! He did admit that he was wrong in saying this, but this article focuses on the fact that the justice system STILL treats juveniles very harshly instead of taking into account their age, maturity level, and capacity to change.

Secret Drugs, Agonizing Deaths (NY Times) – The Supreme Court is finally having a say about the unconstitutional rule-breaking by prisons who are following their own hush-hush policy of not naming the drugs used to kill criminals. This article was published a little over a week ago and explains how shady and unjustified it is to kill people without even letting them know about the drugs that will be used. And in many recent cases, the criminal’s deaths were not performed humanely, even more reason for stronger oversight.

Play Along (Collaborative Fund) – This is simply a fun website that I came across where you answer trivia questions to raise money for children’s literacy around the world. 🙂

New York Police Department Tells Officers to Avoid Elevators in Burning Buildings (NY Times) – Uhhhh WHAT? Just the title of this article is mind boggling. WHAT IDIOT WOULD TAKE AN ELEVATOR WHEN A BUILDING IS ON FIRE? Apparently the NY Police. That’s actually how the most recent officer death of Dennis Guerra happened. I really can’t wrap my head around this and am tempted to believe it’s an April Fools Joke or Onion article for being so incredible STUPID.

Obituary for U Win Tin, Myanmar Writer (NY Times) – I was really fascinated by U Win Tin’s obituary in the NY Times. I had never heard of him, but he forged an amazing fight against the oppressive government in Myanmar (Burma). He was jailed and horribly tortured for 19 years and never once submitted to the corrupt and abusive government, but continued to publicly mock the government even after his release in 2008.

Christopher Emdin gave a short TED Talk on an important topic. I feel strongly about Education Reform, though I don’t focus on it as much as I used to. Mr. Emdin reminds us of the importance of the performance of a teacher, something that is not taught in universities to students studying teaching. However, it’s a critical aspect that should be better addressed and he gives us some unlikely role models to look to.


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