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Check this out: Women’s Unequal Lot

Isn’t this the discussion of the decade? Sheryl Sandberg really started something.

By this point, there have been probably hundreds of articles published about the “can a woman have it all?” debate. This article below is just another one to put in the pile, but something at the end of the article caught my eye.

If we’re concerned about [the less affluent women], if we’re concerned about all working women, we have to talk about child care, flexible hours, paid leave. We have to talk about gender stereotypes and whether they steer women into professions with lower compensation. We have to talk about the choices that women make and which of those they feel muscled into.”


Frank Bruni hits the nail on the head. We can go round and round in this debate, but let’s get down to the true matter and create legislation that helps the women who decide to work and have children.

The Scandinavian countries are a great example here. They provide great benefits to women with children because everyone is expected to work and provide to society. For example in Norway, every child is guaranteed a spot in a daycare at age 1 and the government helps subsidy the costs. The parents are given a 13-month paid leave (80%), with 12 weeks being mandatory for the dad (if he doesn’t take it, the 12 weeks are lost and cannot be transferred to the mother).

This sort of welfare program is very expensive, but proponents argue that the return that the country sees by having the mother return to work balances the costs.

Women’s Unequal Lot –


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