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We received our first rain in many months today. Oh so refreshing! And much needed since we’ve had multiple brush fires lately…

I really try to keep my sources diverse, but this week’s articles are ALL from the NY Times! Next time I’ll try to bring you all different sources!

Counting Syria’s Dead (NY Times) – Shockingly real article from a Syrian on her take of what’s happening in her country. Interesting read (and not too long).

The Syrian Opposition (NY Times) – This is a short video explaining the fighting opposition in Syria (against the government). Super helpful to understand better the situation over there.

Pussy Riot Tells All (NY Times) – This article by Joe Nocera just skims the surface, but he highlights the meeting that the U.S. media had with two members of the Pussy Riot at the beginning of February. Dang these girls are so brave for speaking out against the wrongs of their government! Right on!

We’re Not No.1! We’re Not No.1! (NY Times) – Well, it’s not a surprise I am sharing this article. This has been my chant for a few years now… Nicholas Kristof explains the statistics very nicely.

Cuomo Drops Plan to Use State Money to Pay for College Classes for Inmates (NY Times) – What a controversial matter… to me it seems so OBVIOUS that this is a great idea. But people only want to think of the short-term and are outraged that they can’t pay for a college education for their own child so why should their tax dollars go to help a criminal get ahead? Rather than thinking about the fact that these poor inmates aren’t going to have a shot in hell at 75% (or more) of the jobs that their non-criminal children can get. Let’s at least give them some sort of an education to make their jail time not a complete waste of X years, and maybe that will give them the motivation to do something productive with their lives and not get in trouble again.


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