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I hope you guys like TED videos! 🙂

I’ve been on a bit of a kick lately and found some good ones to share with you all.


Yeah. That just happened.

Malcolm Gladwell totally rocked my mind in this talk. Unless you are a bible literalist, you should watch this.

Moles On The Map – This website is dedicated to sharing professional photos of common Russian life. I am *slightly* obsessed with cultures and everyday life all over the world, so this website was a treasure trove for me. But even if you don’t care that much about Russian culture, you SHOULD care about how horribly biased the U.S. media is against Russia. I hope that these photos give you a new view of who the people of Russia really are.

Stefan Larsson gives a great TED talk about the advancement that the medical international world could make if everyone shared their data with each other. What’s even better is that he’s not just throwing out a good idea, his organisation is already addressing this issue and making brilliant headway!

Charmian Gooch of Global Witness wins TED Prize (TED Blog) – This woman is awesome. She is heading up a HUGE fight against international corruption at the highest levels. I’m so happy to see that she won the $1 million TED prize to continue her excellent work.

North Korea’s Horrors ‘Strikingly Similar’ to Nazi Acts (NBC News) – Folks. This is the warning!!!! Why the hell isn’t the international community taking a bigger interest here? Is it because Germany is a central part of Europe and North Korea is off in the middle of nowhere? WTF

Dambisa Moyo’s talk probably got a LOT of hate mail. I didn’t read the comments, but I will explain that I am posting it here because it’s a GREAT talk. The “West” (America especially) cannot stand to think that they might be wrong or not the best. How many times have we heard, “It’s my way or the highway”? Dambisa’s main point in her talk is that we all need to be open minded to determine the best course of action or path, especially when talking about a foreign country’s economic or political policies.


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