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I just wanted to give a shout-out to Canada. I’ve met some pretty awesome Canadians in the last few weeks. That country deserves more credit, who’s with me? Ok, yeah it’s cold in the winter, but everyone should make a trip between May and November to experience the diversity of the people and provinces.

Here are some interesting articles that have graced my browser window recently:

“Farm Confessional: I Raise Livestock and I Think It May Be Wrong” (Modern Farmer) – Very interesting article by a pig farmer about his sentiments raising and caring for animals and then sending them to be slaughtered. He is probably confessing what many many farmers are thinking.

“Rise in Bigotry Fuels Massacre Inside Myanmar” (NY Times) – I like to stay abreast of international news, especially about countries that are rarely in the media. There are some serious problems in Myanmar (map here) that shouldn’t go ignored. Like in most parts of the world, Myanmar hasn’t escaped from racism and religious intolerance.

“African Stereotypes” (Mama Congo) – A beautiful post on how Americans see Africans and how Africans see Americans, with illustrations from children.

“Farm Fakes: A History of Fraudulent Food” (Modern Farmer) – A great account of how we have been fooled in regards to many different foods and beverages throughout history, and it is still happening today.

“Change the Rules on Secret Money” (NY Times) – This article just proves how corruption has been legalized and our politicians continue to turn a blind eye to it. WTF guys.

Christopher Ryan: “Are we designed to be sexual omnivores?” (TED Talk) – I know our society is totally against this, but I really wish we would give it more thought. I applaud Christopher Ryan for devoting his life to studying these behaviors and promoting his findings even in a negative environment.


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