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Check this out: California Endangered Species, Plastic Bags

To me, this article is a bit comical.

Let’s just notate the responses against banning plastic bags (from the article below):

“I hate this,” said Ms. Moya, a telemarketer and a mother of two. She has begun stockpiling plastic bags at home because paper bags “are always breaking,” she said. “It’s stupid, and it makes it really hard for us.” [said on a rainy day]

Hmmm… have you ever heard of reusable canvas bags?

“We’re already struggling,” Ms. Moya said as she waited in the rain for a taxi with her disintegrating paper bags, bought for 10 cents each. “Groceries cost enough money. Then I have to pay for bags?”

Same response to the same lady, have you ever heard of reusable canvas bags? They are what, $1 each? And last for years…

Mark Daniels, a vice president at Hilex Poly, said a ban would cost the state up to 2,000 jobs. 

The fight continues for every-day comfort NOW versus a sustainable planet for future generations… maybe some jobs are temporarily lost in the short-term (by the way, which jobs??), but the long-term advantages are ten-fold.

“This is going to cost Californians millions and millions of dollars,” Mr. Daniels said of the current legislation. “They’re going to have to purchase millions of supposedly reusable bags from China.”

Mr. Daniels seriously needs a sock jammed in his mouth. What a completely uneducated and obnoxious thing to say! First of all, businesses wouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars per year on plastic bags, so that should be more money in the pockets of employees, if a business were smart. Secondly, how many reusable bags does a person need?? If each person spent $10 on reusable bags, that would last them at least a year. I’m pretty sure that $10/year isn’t going to break the bank for most Californians. 

“Mr. Daniels of Hilex Poly said the plastic bag had been unfairly scapegoated for a variety of environmental ills. Thin plastic bags are reused, he said: They are repurposed as lunch bags and trash can liners, and they come in handy for pet cleanup.”

Again to the same Mr. Daniels, this is a completely false statement. Out of every 50 plastic bags, MAYBE 1 is repurposed. Plastic bags break easily and must be thrown away. They get dirty from food spills or dirt/mud and are thrown away since washing them is a waste (because oh yeah, I have 49 other clean bags crammed under my sink). Who carries their lunch in a plastic bag?? There are hundreds of reusable alternatives. The majority of trash cans require much larger bags and it’s extremely inexpensive to buy small plastic trash can liners, which can also be used for pet cleanup.

Isn’t it amazing what some people work for and fight for every single day?

California Endangered Species: Plastic Bags –


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