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We’re planning a trip to Jamaica this Spring! Have you been? Any tips?? And PLEASE save your breath if you’re going to tell me about an all-inclusive resort. Not my style, friend…

Here are some fantastic articles I’ve enjoyed on the web lately:

Born in the Sun (Bright Continent) – I love Anton Crone’s blog. He updates sporadically, but it’s always about some interesting story in Africa accompanied by incredible photos. In this post, he describes some scenes from his Wildlife Guide Training Course in Tanzania. This is a secret dream job of mine (for another lifetime!) and his stories really speak volumes about the amazing wildlife in Africa.

This 13-Year-Old Entrepreneur is Out to Change the World (TED Blog) – Sometimes we need a dose of inspiration from unexpected sources. Maya Penn may be young, but she packs a heavy punch. I have hope for the following generations because of girls like her. It shows that many of us ARE teaching our kids to connect the dots of life and they will carry on the torch to make the world a better place. I think her story is also a boost of motivation to not let anything stop you from achieving your dreams!

An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow (NY Times) – This letter received lots of attention already, so if you haven’t read it, you might as well now. I’m not a judge, but it is pretty sick to think of what we let celebrities get away with. Heck, any person with power and money, not just celebrities. This poor woman has had to live her whole live in the shadows of this publicity (being allegedly sexually abused by Woody Allen). This celebrity culture we have built in our imperfect society has so many repercussions…

Children of Russian Oligarchs (Spiegel) – I’m a bit obsessed with class structure and culture. These photos of wealthy Russian children in their homes and everyday surroundings was like stumbling upon a gold mine. Russia is just a treasure box waiting to be opened.

In China, ‘Once the Villages Are Gone, the Culture Is Gone’ (NY Times) – A little too late to worry about this now, China. You’ve already destroyed thousands of villages with your dumb urbanization movement! But this is honestly just one example of what is happening all over the world in every single country (and in many places, it’s too late).

Can Government Play Moneyball? (The Atlantic) –  I’ll be honest. I didn’t read this whole article. It was way longer than necessary and super verbose. But I can sum it up for you – (spoiler alert) NO the Government can’t play Moneyball! This article will give you all the reasons why not. But to not come across too unpatriotic, they give you one paragraph at the end explaining why they are still “optimistic”. Isn’t that a subjective term? 🙂

Do You Have a Passion Project? (Ernest Barbaric) – Haven’t we all just been on this same kick the last few years? DO WHAT YOU LOVE! LOVE WHAT YOU DO! I think some people explain it correctly and Ernest Barbaric certainly did in this article. You don’t necessarily have to turn your entire life around to “follow a dream.” As he explains, start small doing something that truly brings you joy. Let me tell you, this is so so important on a personal level. We underestimate the importance in our BUSYBUSYBUSY lives as men put money-making ventures first and women put everyone else first. So STOP and MAKE TIME for YOU.

A Middle Eastern Primer (NY Times) – Most likely, unless you are a scholar on Middle Eastern Studies, you are probably just as lost as the rest of us in the tangle of the Middle East. This article is still pretty confusing, but it’s a quick bullet-pointed list giving just enough background (to not make your head spin) on current events in the Middle East.


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