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Check this out: Ted Talk “Sh*t for change” by Mark Talesnik

Mark Talesnik is an Engineering professor at the Israel Institute of Technology. In this Ted Talk, Mr. Talesnik tells us why he believes in creating leaders out of his students and the way in which he is achieving this.

By partnering with Engineering Without Borders, his students are applying their knowledge to hands-on projects and really making a lasting different in poor communities.

I am specifically posting this video because of the Nepali project that two of his students worked on. By taking a community-centered approach, the team learned what the problem was and were able to get to the core issue. By solving the core problem, all of the other problems were improved drastically.

I hope that this sparks something in you to think outside of the box in your community. We can all help those in difficult or disadvantaged situations by working together!

Sh*t for change: Mark Talesnik at TEDxHiriya – YouTube.


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