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Check this out: A Case for Alternative Schooling

With all the negative press around the U.S. education system, it’s not surprising that many parents are choosing alternative schooling methods for their children. Is this wise, or is it best to hold out and trust that the government will fix things with our schools?

Peter Gray is 100% on board with alternative education, specifically self-directed education “where kids have charge of their education in a setting that optimizes their opportunities and where there are many peers with whom to socialize and learn.”

I’ve been reading multiple accounts of people who homeschool their children, particularly families who travel full-time and “live on the road.” Of course it sounds so romantic to be able to see the world with your children and giving them all the experiences of different cultures, languages, religion, philosophy, attitudes, history, etc. But there is backlash against this (of course, someone has to disagree!) as people have said that the nomadic lifestyle is no way to raise a child, they have no stability, too much change, etc.

Well, I will proudly say that I am fully behind this method! I think it’s a wonderful way for a child to use his or her natural curiosity and creativity to discover the world and to really discover what interests him or her most. It allows for the flexibility for the child to study, experience, and experiment with what they are passionate about.

Mr. Gray’s article in Reader’s Digest is further support for this method. He studies children who never attended traditional schooling and has encountered really promising results (read the article below for more details).

Would you allow your children to engage in self-directed learning?

Is the American School System Damaging Our Kids? | Reader’s Digest.


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