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Icon Person: Jon Lowenstein

I am all about people who have real balls to stand up to big scary problems. I’m also loving the age of the camera journalist because it’s giving us thousands of photos (hundreds of thousands probably) each year from professional and amateur photographers. ANYONE who happens to be in the right moment at the right time can snap a photo or catch a video with their handy device (phone, camera, music player, tablet, whatever!).

This means that bad guys get discovered and are indicted a lot easier than in the past when it was much tougher to gather evidence. It also means that we have a society not quite as naïve as past generations because these photos are published on the internet for free viewing.

Jon Lowenstein is a photographer whose life took him to Chicago in the year 2000 for a short-term project, but he stayed for a longer-stint and has now made it his home. He’s been documenting the South Side, where he lives, and sees clear as day how vulnerable these communities are. His long-term goals are to help the communities come up with solutions for renovation and ponder why the United States government continues to ignore the impoverished areas and the desperate families living inside.

His documentaries and photographs are so crucial in a world where the media is completely unreliable. The TRUTH is told by our fellow trustworthy citizens. Seek them out and listen to what they have seen, what they are doing to make a change.

Let me note that Jon doesn’t only work in Chicago. He has documented important projects such as social violence in Guatemala, cerebral malaria patients in Uganda, the migrant trail from Central America/Mexico to the United States, and Chileans 40 years after the military coup.

Here is a good in-depth interview that he did with TED Blog:

Why I document the often violent and traumatic daily lives of others | TED Blog.


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