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Coffee and Flowers Festival Fairgrounds in Boquete, Panamá

The place where I live is said to have an “eternal Spring”. Currently we are experiencing “summer”, which means it rarely rains and almost every day is nice and sunny. The end of the week starts the annual Coffee and Flower Festival, which Boquete is known for. I’ll try to make my way to the fairgrounds and snap some photos for ya’ll. 🙂

As most everyone, I’ve been a bit swamped over the holidays, so my usual “Suggested Internet Reading” post has been delayed. Not like you had much free time to be reading much anyway, I presume!

Today’s mix is from all over the web and covers all types of topics. I hope you enjoy!

21 Images of Where Children Sleep Around The World (Policy Mic) – Wow. I think this one would move a dead log. The photographer, James Mollison, wrote a book, Where Children Sleep, which features many more than 21 photos, but we are shown a nice snippet of his work in this article. What I really appreciated was his vision/mission for the project. He focused on the children’s material and cultural circumstances because, as he says, “I hope the book gives a glimpse into the lives some children are living in very diverse situations around the world; a chance to reflect on the inequality that exists, and realize just how lucky most of us in the developed world are.”

Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt (NPR) – I love to see how things are made from beginning to end. I’ve honestly become a bit obsessed with the topic lately. I grew up so sheltered from the reality of production and raw materials that I still find it nearly impossible to believe that workers in these factories today don’t throw up their hands in disgust at what is happening. Someone doing the same job over and over and over and over again, working on a product to be bought by someone he or she will never ever meet. Gosh, I could go on and on about the topic but this is not the right time. 🙂

The Post-GMO Economy (Modern Farmer) – Evidence from a career farmer that there is something majorly wrong with using GMOs. ” “Five years ago the traits worked,” says the strongly built Huegerich, who followed in his father’s footsteps and planted GMO seeds. “I didn’t have corn rootworm because of the Bt gene, and I used less pesticide. Now, the worms are adjusting, and the weeds are resistant. Mother Nature adapts.” ”

The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race (Jared Diamond) –  Maybe this question is something that you have never even considered – “Is Agriculture Actually Helping?” I think the critical question is, “helping who/what?” Of course humans first think of themselves. It is true that agriculture is a critical necessity of our current society. Humankind can only keep going and growing with agriculture. BUT, I highly encourage you to read this article to twist your brain into thinking about why the first moves by humans thousands of years ago that eventually led to the agricultural revolution probably did a lot more harm than good to Mother Earth, animals, and the human race.

A Perspective on Guns, Murder, Suicide from Attica (NY Times) – I don’t take part in the gun argument in the United States because it’s just snowballed into such a mess (as have most issues honestly). The worst thing about politics and arguments in the United States is that Americans are brought up to be independent, opinionated and analytical, so NO ONE knows how to first LISTEN to the opposite point of view, research it, soak it in for a few days, and then make your EDUCATED stance. We don’t have patience for this because we are so technologically advanced that anything that takes longer than 1 minute to give a response (computer or person) is judged to be worthless. Back to my point with this article, I was APPALLED at how many people discounted the author’s, John Lennon, advice simply because he had murdered someone with a gun. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? We should be listening MORE to these people than silly politicians and activists who THINK they know what they would do in a compromising situation. Most of the people with decision-making power have lived sheltered pathetic lives and don’t know a thing about being/living in true danger. If we want to TRULY help keep murderers from killing again (and know what would have helped keep them from murdering the first time), let’s talk to them to find out truthfully what/where is the weak link.

Good News You Might Have Missed in 2013 (Gates Notes) – Now on a happy note, I loved this article from Bill Gates highlighting some great achievements in the world health and child poverty arenas. Don’t you hate how the media always focuses on negatives and judgements and who’s-better-than-who? I think if we focused 50% on the positives and 50% on the negatives, there would be less negatives because everyone would be happier!!

Ted Talk by Charmian Gooch: Meet global corruption’s hidden players ( – This was posted awhile ago on but I don’t think I posted it at the time and I wanted to make sure to highlight it in case some of my audience hasn’t seen it. What this WOMAN is doing is one of the most ballsy things that I can imagine. The people she is bringing down could have her killed in any instance; I imagine her life is at danger 24/7. This is very interesting, first of all because I can’t believe that it has taken a woman to finally lead the change (seriously, she’s a big-time player here). Secondly, this just shows that the world would be 1000 times better if women were in charge.


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