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Check this out: The Places We Live

I have lived in a very poor village in Panamá and toured through a favela in Rio de Janeiro. These experiences changed me and opened my eyes.

I am so thankful for photographers like Jonas Bendiksen who help the world see and experience the reality of how billions of people all over the world live. It’s easy to block out these inequalities from a plush couch in a nice neighborhood thousands of miles away from the poorest of our times. But we should NEVER allow ourselves to become comfortable with this social inequality that our society has created.

Mr. Bendiksen has a great interactive website (link below) featuring 4 cities: Caracas, Venezula; Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya; Dharavi, Mumbai, India; Jakarta, Indonesia.

Not only do you get to view very real shots of the neighborhoods and a 360 degree view of some homes, you also listen to emotional stories of real-life everyday occurrences in these “neighborhoods”.

Please spend a few moments “visiting” these cities. I hope it sparks something in you…

Magnum Photos.

*Discovered through Public Interest Design Blog


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This entry was posted on January 5, 2014 by in Minority Race/Poor/Indigenous Rights.
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