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Check this out: School in the Cloud

Have you heard of this idea from Sugata Mitra (see his Ted Talk here)? A “School in the Cloud”. It’s really fabulous! He is now moving into action and no longer has just an idea any more. He has opened up his first School in the Cloud in Killingworth, English and plans to open another in the UK and 5 in India.

A School in the Cloud is basically a learning lab for students to get together and solve problems as a group and through using the internet. It sounds so simple, yet will have a huge impact on future generations.

I think it’s great for students to work together to answer questions, and use multiple sources to form their own opinion and answer. Kids now are taught from a teacher and a book. Their opinions are formed primarily from that one teacher and that one book. I strongly believe that this leads our kids to be closed-minded.

If we give kids the tools necessary to think outside the box, prepare an environment for listening to different opinions, and give them the freedom to ultimately form their own answer, we are training them to be better thinkers and more useful human beings.

The world’s first School in the Cloud opens in the UK | TED Blog.


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