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Check this out: Raising a Generation of Soft Kids

Ohh how embarrassing. Just imagine in 20 years what the world is going to be saying about the United States.

I honestly believe that this is a scary underlying cultural problem which has the potential to completely destroy the USA. Yeah, I’m not kidding.

It started in my generation and has gradually worsened until now, when we won’t allow our kids to feel any defeat or bullying or being less than another child. I really hope this is a very small percentage of the population, but more and more evidence is popping up that it is quite widespread.

This problem is spilling over into our schools where children are losing their minds over having to take tests or learn new material (such as the Common Core curriculum, which is meant for kids to use analytical thinking rather than rote memorization). I agree that much of this is probably learned behavior from the parents, hearing negative things about the education changes and then immaturely acting out (because they are children after all) their disagreement in classrooms. But it seems to also stem from the fact that parents are allowing their children to act out like this, possibly even encouraging it! “Oh my poor Johnny! Look at what YOU nasty teacher and education system are doing to my sweet boy!”

I don’t have a solution, other than to encourage widespread shaming and embarrassment of these parents for their horrible parenting skills. Anyone with me, or have a better idea?

Are Kids Too Coddled? –


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