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I’m on the path to learn French. Anyone else learning a new language? I just discovered a great website,, which has been quite good so far. Do you have any other suggestions for free language-learning programs?

Here are some interesting articles which I enjoyed:

Unlearning Gun Violence (NY Times) – As we can all agree, gun violence has gotten out of hand in the United States. Of course there are multiple actors at play here, but I like what this organization, Save our Streets, is doing with interventions in mostly gang-heavy neighborhoods. And it looks like it’s working!

What’s the Most Badass Fact About Your State? (Policy Mic) – Fun set of facts about each state. 🙂

Under My Thumb (NY Times) – Information like this really works me up. I am still planning on doing a longer piece about the disparity between the rich and poor in America, and this sort of article fuels my passion. Huge wealthy companies refusing to pay their workers more because they don’t want to see a dip in profit. And this is called a democracy…

Gatorade in Hell – The Lie of Living a Passionate Life (Thought Catalog) –  Short little piece and full of lots of hard truth.

Danger Lurks in That Mickey Mouse Couch (NY Times) – Another article that fires my passion. Either people in the past too ignorant to think that harmful substances should be tested before being used in close proximity to daily human interactions. Or companies that will do anything to sell a product and make money, despite health concerns. This situation possibly combines the two and makes me livid.

Nigerian Weddings (The Daily Beast) – This is a slideshow of really fascinating photos, but it is accompanied by commentary that will give you a glimpse into current Nigerian society. There’s a lot hiding behind all the glamour (as there always is…).


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