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Check this out: Black Hair

This article (link below) invokes so much rage in me!

As one commenter rightly said, “Little boys told they can’t wear their hair long, even a kid who was growing his so that it could be made into a wig for a child with cancer. A girl near where I live who was expelled for dyeing her hair purple (or maybe it was pink, I may be remembering wrong). It’s bad enough– very bad indeed– to shame kids for doing something artificial with their hair, but to abuse them just for having their own, natural hair the way it grew, the way it’s supposed to be, is beyond comprehension.”

And this doesn’t even seem to be a case of white people discriminating against black people because the school is predominately black in the student body and administration (this isn’t verified). So the problem here is what American society says is acceptable and appropriate. “Fad hairstyles”, which many times include natural hairstyles, are not seen as professional and presentable in our American society.

This is what I loathe about public schools and hope to never ever ever have to place my children in these prisons. Why can’t we let our children BE as they want to BE? Why are we always trying to force them into a mold? It is so wrong and something that I hope my generation can change so that our children can live the life that they are truly meant to live, not one that we carved out for them and forced them into.

Tiana Parker And Our Black Hair.


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