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Rainy rainy pueblo. But heading to autumn in Georgia next week!

I’ve been behind on my reading and I finally caught back up this past week. So I’m dumping a whole bunch of awesomeness on you today. Enjoy!

Germany’s Effort at Clean Energy Proves Complex (NY Times) – It’s a shame that there is such a rush on getting the clean energy RIGHT NOW. Obviously it’s a process that takes much much time to map out and plan and prepare for. Germany had a great and lofty goal, it just seems that they have botched the planning process. Surprising for Germany…

Colorado Flooding – After the Deluge (The Atlantic) – 34 honest photos from the aftermath of the Colorado floods. Absolute disaster and horrible time for all affected.

Central African Republic: Horrific Abuses by New Rulers (Human Rights Watch) – How unbelievable that this hasn’t received much media coverage (if any?). The Seleka group took power in March 2013 and has killed groups of people for either no apparent purpose or for being involved with the ousted president (some falsely accused). They’ve completely wiped out some villages, again no specific intent was reported.

Life at the End of the Line – Drawing the Line on Tar Sands in Houston’s East End (We Are Power Shift) – I am not extremely educated on this Tar Sands project, Keystone XL, because I was living in a remote village in Panamá when the plans were announced. But it’s clear that what is going on with this project is ludicrous. The need for oil and profits are more important than people’s lives. I wish we would make huge changes in our energy uses and regulations, but I understand the need for oil/gas and the benefits of getting it from our own land rather than foreign sources. BUT BUT BUT there is a right way to do it and a wrong way!! This is just another example of hidden corruption in government.

On-the-Ground Report: Fracking Sites Flooded in Colorado (We Are Power Shift) – Here are 6 photos of what the floods have done to fracking sites. This looks pretty serious and extremely dangerous.

The Average Women Faces in Different Countries (My Science Academy) – We don’t know how these faces were “developed”, from how many real faces. But let’s be honest, it seems pretty spot on, right?? I am kinda obsessed with human history and anthropology. So you can imagine these images all together at once was pretty AMAZING for me.

For World Gratitude Day (Tedx) – What a beautiful video made by Louie Schwarzberg! This is one of my dream jobs. I would like to also note that it has been proven that happy persons are very grateful. So watch this video and get to it!

The (Food) Dating Game: Why Expirations Dates Don’t Help (Good) – This is an eye-opener! Did YOU know that expiration dates aren’t set nor monitored by the FDA? That’s right, they are set by the manufacturer, which doesn’t set the date as when the food expires, but rather when the product is no longer at peak quality. So don’t throw out food just because it’s past the “expiration date”!

All about bees: 3 experts on why they’re fascinating, why they’re dying and what can save them (Ted Blog) – Bees have been in the news a lot in the past few years and not for good reasons. Unfortunately, colonies are dying at an astounding rate and this is going to have a huge consequence on our food system if something isn’t done fast. I enjoyed reading this interesting talk from 3 bee experts. I would recommend watching the Ted Talks too!

In Kuwait, an Amusement Park That Teaches Kids How to Work (Good) – I absolutely love this concept! One thing that was missing in my generation (Gen. Y / Millenial) was the introduction to many different job paths. I think we had career days at school, but obviously they weren’t interesting enough to open my mind wider than teacher, doctor, lawyer. This amusement park is giving kids not only an introduction into different jobs and the world of work and business, but also hands on experiences to see what they like and are good at.

The only downside I see is that it’s quite expensive to get into the park. Another example of the rich controlling the top and therefore getting richer and richer while the rest stay the same or perhaps decrease in social status (Chrystia Freeland discusses this in her informative Ted Talk).

12 Amazing Earth Scars (My Science Academy) – I had never seen aerial views of mines before. All I can say is Wow. We go through A LOT to get what we want from the Earth.

Most Beautiful Villages Around the World (One Big Photo) – A beautiful slideshow of 12 high definition photos from all over the world. Incredible shots!!

40 Must-See Photos From the Past (Bored Panda) – Another REALLY interesting slideshow of photos, mainly from the U.S. but including some from all over the world.


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