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Check this out: What’s Really Happening in Syria

What I hate about the general media is that it does not do a good job of explaining the whole picture. We get a snippet of an event or decision without fully understanding what’s actually happening.

The truth is, Syria is experiencing a horribly brutal civil war. The government is killing protesters, including women and children protesters. Many protesters are kidnapped and violently tortured. If the person is caught protesting again, they are killed. Anyone known of helping this protester or being involved with him or her is killed.

War is so different now. That hasn’t quite sunk in for me yet. I don’t remember studying about any wars past Vietnam in school. Maybe we learned about the Cold “War”, but what was that really? A show of power? Really tense moments leading up to nothing?

War in my mind is on a battlefield. Soldiers in uniform. Tanks. Artillery. More or less a planned ordeal which both sides show up for.

But we KNOW that is not reality anymore. It’s mainly about secret intelligence and completely secret plans which never are talked about ever. We use secret weapons that are hidden from everyone. We have secret personnel hiding everywhere and trying to infiltrate to the top opposition ranks.

So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this information from Syria’s real civil war is so secret. No one is talking about the reality of the probably tens of thousands of people that have been secretly killed or displaced. They were killed with secret weapons. The torturers and killers are secret assassins. Media is silenced. Business progresses as normal.

The Boy Who Stood Up to Syrian Injustice –


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